Written by Anne E. Stewart

I had the great fortune to spend a few seasons with Rod May and both Su Dennett and I know that around September, October Rod would start dreaming up the season. It’s the beginning of veggie growing time and ‘the boxes.’

I am so pleased that the mosquito story slam ‘Marking the Seasons’ theme is happening at the woodshed with all Rod’s foodie and farming friends.

Rod’s years of trial and error in organic farming, his thirst for knowledge, commitment to local issues and leadership in international standards means with his passing not only have we lost a darling fellow but also a irreplaceable powerhouse of ideas and understanding.

Rod was often at his most eloquent, most romantic, most insightful when he was talking about vegetables. Of course that extended to the farm and nature and his community of passionate earth carers.

As we start to gather the stories of our community, I give a nod to my old mate, Rod May and can only say that every time the community gathers to tell their tales we’ll raise the metaphorical glass.


Rod May. Photographed by Josie Alexander


You’ll need to book to attend Hepburn Relocalisation Equinox dinner,  and if you’d like to tell a story, please fill in your details here