Here we are in our second season of The Cicada! We have a fantastic series of themes for this year, so let your imaginations go wild…

All stories in the Cicada Story Slam need to not only be local stories, but they need to reflect the theme that has been chosen for each date. You will be judged not only on how good your story was, but also whether it was on theme and local, so make sure you familiarise yourself with the theme on the night you have chosen to tell your story.

Please note, doors open at 7pm for a 7.15pm start!

01 | Thursday 18 april

fools rush in

In the month of the fool and trickster, tell us about a time you rushed in and made a fool of yourself or someone else.


02 | Thursday 16 May

Are the stars out tonight?

We want to hear about you in a wondrous landscape, a memorable night, or maybe you’ll tell us of a ‘star’ you admire.


03 | Thursday June 20

The Longest night/wait

As we approach the winter solstice cast your mind to a time when the night went on forever as you waited and waited.


04 | Thursday july 18


Adam Lindsay Gordon famously said, “Life is naught but froth and bubble but two things stand like stone, Kindness in another’s trouble and Courage in your own”. Tell us about a courageous moment in your life.


05 | Friday august 16 – as part of words in winter festival


Life. The overall theme for Words in Winter, we see this theme as taking us anywhere with a personal story from you. Live, Love, ‘Life’


06 | Thursday september 19

Hidden treasures

To honour ‘Talk like a pirate day’ (today)  we are asking you to tell us about the joys of finding a treasure and/or being a pirate. It doesn’t have to be gold and jewels.


07 | Thursday october 17


Physically or mentally or spiritually or all, take us on a journey with you.


08 | Thursday November 21

Grand Finale – Traditions

We want to hear about traditions, yours, your families or communities’. Simple or extravagant what do these traditions mean to you.

Winner receives the Rodney Maurice May Storytelling Trophy