Season 2, Episode 3

‘The longest Night / Wait’

The Cicada is settling in to it’s new venue and huge thanks go to Sarah and the Daylesford Hotel Crew. Their back room is so cosy, with candles burning and fire raging, word is out and our event is becoming a favourite on the community social calendar.

Congrats to all our tellers at the last gathering. The Longest night certainly inspired a range of stories from Don’s story of the birth of his premmie son, Kevin’s story of the Beatles tour of America in 1964 and then John Lennons death in New York 16 years later, Leticia’s performance to a muted audience in the US and Toby told a story of his sister playing tricks on him and his relationship with dogs. I told of the longest night MCing a concert for the anniversary of 150th anniversary of Eureka but the winner went to a new teller at the Cicada, Zane and his wonderfully meandering love story of the longest night when he fell in love and planned a life of a women he spotted in the bar where he worked.

Thanks to Jonathon and Miriam for judging. We hope you enjoy this episode.

See you on the 18th July for stories about ‘Courage’!

The Longest Night / Wait

Season 2, Episode 3 | Cicada Story Slam