Season 2, Episode 4


Some wonderful stories on the theme ‘Courage’ at the slam this week.

Petrus Spronk – From his book, Adventures in Korea the story of the longest night where Petrus finds himself in a flash love hotel Korea, the night evolves inhe discovers the reason for many wonderful additions to the room.

Don Harvey – His mother tells the courageous story of Daniel in the lion’s den and young boys must brave. Daring escapades of childhood seem foolhardy in hindsight and terrifying stories of Uncle Fred who died at Changi, he must have been brave.

Rodney Baker **** The Winner – Many years ago, a young 20 year old Rodney finds out his has cancer. His train of thought is how to fight it. From paddocks to hospital bed and a time of uncertainity when he calls on all his reserves of courage.

Nick Ritar – Our story starts in 1942, with mini subs sailing into Sydney, and a folktale that the birth of that child coincided. The child grows to be an amazingly courageous women who takes up a tremendous opportunity and is till doing amazing things.

Mika Pediaditis – Returning to work in a busy place in Brunswick she endures that racist slurs of a man that hangs in the streets. Changing dynamics she smiles at him and learns of his struggles and Courage.

Toby Symes – Some people have innate courage and our storyteller has known a few. Women feature and his mum remains his most memorable person. We hear of early days in Daylesford and some difficulties encountered.

Zoran Drogriski – His mum and dads dreams for their son are thwarted when he buys a one way ticket O/S’s to Central America and tells the story of meeting his most formidable opponent.