Season 2, Episode 6

‘Hidden Treasures’

A lively night of stories on the theme of ‘Hidden Treasures’.  Highlights include –

Laurel Freeland: Photos of her grandchildren take her back to a time of sneaking off from school, barbecues in the bush. They forgot to extinguish their fire, this meant trouble. A man on a tractor puts out the fire, what a great hidden treasure to find in the bush.

Don Harvey: Times were tough when Don was a kid and for the first time and he recalls the one and only time he went looking for a real treasure. He knew it was buried at the bottom of a mine shaft, a longed for, typewriter.

Petrus Spronk: Ooops, the storyteller reckons they made a mistake and heard ‘Hidden Pleasures’, not treasures. He tells the stores of the moon and the full moon watchers who arrange to meet next time the moon is full.

Toby Symes: Toby’s imperious brother gives Toby and his sister directions to hidden treasure, a not too pleasant surprise. We also hear about his days looking for treasures at the local Daylesford tip and discovering evidence that the Egyptians have visited.

Joanna Parker: We hear of her lineage and the birth of her grandfather and his gift storytelling

Hidden Treasures

Season 2, Episode 6 | Cicada Story Slam