Season 2, Episode 7


We had a wonderful night, enthralled by local stories on the theme ‘Journey’. Here’s a brief recap of some of what we heard…

Toby Symes: Reflective love story about a girl, the Greek Islands, a long last swim, and the truth about a good man

Petrus Spronk – Huge thanks to Petrus for $600 to The Cicada Story Slam. The Artist’s Journey, with the wisdom of the elder Petrus takes us a journey of his life.

Matthew Tibbins: Drag Name Kindred Surprise. Finding truth at Mount Franklin, via stories of a theatrical youth and ‘falling out’ at nineteen Matthew takes us on a journey to his reclaiming of the word Homosapien, as a way to be inclusive.

Don: As a kid his dad pulls out the old caravan and on a rainy night head out on a family holiday, they get bogged at the start disastrous camping holiday.

Stephanie Hodgins-May: The story of Galu A Fe, The fire wave, poignantly told story of her her mother and the ten years since her mothers death in Samoa.

Maz: Maz meanders through her journey from Northcote to Daylesford telling about people and experiences she had on the way