Season 2, Episode 5


An enthralling night of stories as part of the Words in Winter festival. As always the fire was on in the back room at the Daylesford Hotel with a full house of guests listening to local stories. Here are a couple of highlights –

Nikki Marshall: Life can be tested at the strangest of time. On a visit to Greece during Easter many occasions were celebrated a candle procession, days with their friend, the kindness of strangers and old olive trees. A gift of a bottle oil, will it make it through airport security.

Don Harvey: Even with his longevity he wonders if he has any think to teach about life. Football average, sex likewise. Losing his mother early Don decides life is what he is going to make it.

Zane Curwen Walker: Zane tells of a complicated love affair that he has had all his life. He goes through its many guises until finally he uncovers his life’s infatuation.

Stephanie Barron: Stephanie’s first memories are of shadows and then moths. She was curious about them and in later life she started dreaming about them and they became to haunt her life and a symbol for something greater.

Toby Symes: November 20th is a memorable date, the birth of his first child. A joyous occasion he shares the news with his best male friend Adrian. As the years pass Adrian descends into the maelstrom and takes his own life and Toby delivers his eulogy.

Letita McQuade: Life is delicate and fragile and is reminded of this when she finds a dying kitten. Tender care and kitten survives and skids into a full li