Season 2, Episode 8


Tonight we heard some very sentimental words from our contestents. Here is a summary of some of the stories we heard.

Don Henderson: Don guides us through a nature walk of english traditions imposed on the Australian Landscape, from Oak trees and squirrels in the Ballarat Botanic gardens to the work of the Acclimatization Society who introduced all may of flora and fauna.

Petrus Spronk: On December 5th the day of Saint Nicholas,( Klaus ), a festival children is celebrated with gifts left in their shoes overnight. It is a day of reckoning

Rodney Baker: This reminiscence tells of some of the old traditions inherited like cheesemaking and buulboar making and regrets its passing

Toby Symes: We hear of the traditions belonging to the men in his family and the one he has seen as important, Loyality.

Leah: Visitor from Austria. Cold weather means a different Christmas, Snuggled under blankets eating cookies. It is an Austrian tradition to make evergreen wreaths with candles circled through the ring of branches.

Stephanie Barron: Brought up on a farm the story talked of traditions on the farm, like milking the cows, roses blooming at Show time and Mrs Campbellā€™s famous sponge

Zoran: Zorna brought a hush to the room as he sang an old Macedonian folk song that had been handed down from his great great grandmother.